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Sarpam denotes more than mere snakes.  It is a representation of spiritual power.  The best offering for the removal of Sarpakopam (the wrath of Serpent / Snake Gods) is SarpaBali. It is for pleasing all 640 million types of Snake Gods including Vasuki and NagaYakshi.  In the centre, the supreme power is invited in the form of Kundalini.All the Snake Gods are invited to the colourful formation (called Kalam) with natural materials on the northern side with 24 fire torches including 48 smaller ones (instead of lamps).  They are offered with their favorite food articles and mantras.  This is the ritual called SarpaBali.  It is said in NagaPuranam (book) that all blessings from the SnakeGods will be showered to the  devotees of SarpaBali.

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Maha Sudarsana Homam  

Mahasudersanam is the famous weapon of Mahavishnu.The mighty power of this weapon is proved many times by Mahavishnu, using this weapon to kill his enemies. Sudarsana homa is regarded as the best protection from all evils, removal of all enemies, accidents and other dosha nivaranam. The desire of human beings are innumerable and they very in nature. In the Vaishnava Agams the Sudarsana chakra is very prominent one. The Sudarsana yantra is also important as Sudarsana Mantra. Usually Lord Sudarsana is seen installed with eight or sixteen hands in Vishnu temples. Sudarsana homa could alleviate the suffering of this nature. It is first recently for avoid and eliminate the evil sprit in the house. Conducting this homa once in a year is essential for removal of all enemies and other problems.

Sudarsana Homam is removal of all enemies & avoiding accidents, The desires of human beings are innumerable and they vary in nature.The yantra (a symbol embedded in metal) used in the Homa, will keep all negativity at a distance and bring in divine and auspicious energies. It is performed for.

1. For any auspicious beginning

2. Removal of astrological flaws

3. For victory, courage and prosperity.

4. To annihilate evil forces.

5. Suffering caused by incurable diseases, sorcery or enemies are dispelled by Lord Sudharshana.

6. Alleviates the suffering of the progeny belonging to later generations due to non-performance of the last

   rites of the previous generations.

7. Stops the danger or problems, which may possibly occur in future

Maha Sudarsana Homam is a very powerful Homam which fulfills your Desires, removes all kind of Poverty and brings Health, wealth, peace and Prosperity. Maha Sudashan Homam is a powerful Homam that removes all obstacles and Blockages on your Path and makes you successful in your mission. It removes your worries and grant you happiness. The Powerful Mantras of Lord Sudarshan Homa remove all your enemies and gives you a protection in all fronts.

Mahasudarsana Yantra