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Soolini Yanthra
Sreesooktha Yantra
Swayamvara Yantha
Thripurasundari  Yantra
Thrishtuppu Yantra
Vasya Yantra
Vidyagopala Yanthra


Yantras are sacred amulets prepared as per scriptural injunctions given in the Tantra texts. They are then worshipped and energised in a temple for a minimum of 15 days with the chanting of the appropriate mantra associated with that yantra and its presiding deity. Some Yantras are placed in the home or office at the altar and worshipped regularly. Yantras drawn on thin plate can be folded or embedded in a silver or gold locket to be worn on the neck or tied on the arm with a sacred thread of specified colour such as red, yellow or black etc. Order this Yantra and protect yourself from the fear of enemies.

Note: The Yantra shown in the picture here is only a suggestive image. The actual yantra may vary in appearance, colour and size and is made according to our astrologer's instructions.

Popular Yantras

These yantas are used for Wealth,  Dispel Misfortunes, for peace at home, retaining a family bondage, distroy sudden obstacles in your work, projects or in business, bring physical and mental strength, power. .......