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Legend has it that after Sage Parasuraaman raised the land of Kerala from the Arabian sea, divided it into four "Thalis" and 64 "Graamams", and set up temples, he assigned Namboothiri families for treating the mentally deranged. The Sooktham : "Mananaal Thraayathe Ithi Manthram" connotes divine protection of the chanter and the persons for whom Manthram is chanted.

Among Braahmanans, only Namboothiris have taken up "Manthravadam" (sorcery) as a profession, with mainly "Bhadrakaali" as their traditional deity ("Adhidevatha"), while non-Braahmanans have "Chaathan", "Arukula", "Karinkutty" and other "Saaktheya Moorthys". Manthravaadam may be classified into two types: "Sadmanthravaadam" (noble) and "Durmanthravaadam" (evil). Here my family performs Sadmanthravaadam.As per the instructions from astrologers and jyothishis Manthrik kriyas and poojas are performs for Spiritual and materialistic needs.


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As per our tradition strictly we follows the rules of Lord Parasurama  and Acharya SreeSankara for Kerala Thanthra Sasthra.

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Pooja and Homam

Maha Ganapathi Homam

Thrikala Pooja - Bhagavathiseva

Mruthyunjaya Homam

Navagraha santhi Homam - Pooja

Dhanwantahri Homam

Lakshmi Navagrahaarayana Pooja

UmaMaheswara Pooja

Santahnagopala Pooja

Maha Sudarsana Homam


Thrishtupp  Homam

Thila Homam

Sukrutha Homam

Maha Lakshmi Homam


Dwadasanaamam Pooja

Gayathri Homam

Purushasooktha Homam

Ayush  Homam


Thanthric Padmam