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Pooja Kadiyakkol Thuppan Nampoothiri

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“Thanthri” is the Vedic head priest of Hindu temples in Kerala and a very few temples of coastal Karnataka in southern India. It is a position held hereditary. It is the thantri who installs the idol of the deity, and from that moment he assumes the position of the guru of the deity. The thantri has the final word on the rites and rituals of the temple. The Tantric Legacy started here in the era of Parasurama.

Thantris and Shrauta are Namboothiri Brahmins who have studied the ancient tantras, and Poorva Mimamsa -- (the earliest part of the Vedas), unlike other Brahmins in India who are Smarta and follow Vedanta (latter parts of the Vedas).

They have the sole right to conduct certain core rituals in temples of Kerala and Tulunadu. In temples like Kumaranalloor Devi temple, the presence of thantri is needed every day..

Kadiyakkol Illam is one among the thanthri family in Kerala. This ILLAM has 2000 years of inheritance in keeping up the rituals of 108 Sivaalayas(Lord Siva Temples), Durgaalayas(Goddess Devi Temples) ordained by Parasurama and many other temples in Kerala. Thuppan Nampoothiri natived in this prestigious family. After Initiation (UPANAYANAM) at the age of 13,  he commenced learning all tantric and manthric kriyas, rigveda, Sanskrit…By  performing ‘Pantheeradi Pooja’ in the renowned Kumaranalloor Devi temple as the custom insists he started his career as a Thanthri (Priest).He acquired more knowledge from his Ancestors.

At the age of 19, he made his first ‘Puna:prathishta’ and ‘Naveekarana Kalasam’(Renovation and Reconsecration of an idol in a temple) of Njandirikkal Anandeswaram Temple, Mannancheri - Alappuzha.  About 15 Prathishtas and more than 5 Dhwaja Prathishtas are the remarkable incidents in his spiritual path…

Kadiyakkol Thuppan Nampoothiri


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